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Getting Lucky High Waisted Brown Snake Print Leather Pants - Pretty Brilliant

about us

Pretty Brilliant is for the woman who stands apart from the rest.

She's never one to blend in; she's all about being bold and rocking her own style, no matter what others think.

She doesn't give AF about unwanted opinions because, honestly, they're just not relevant. She's too busy living her life and hustling to be the absolute best version of herself.

When she dresses, it's all about feeling empowered to chase after her personal goals. She dresses for herself and she is powerful and fierce in how she expresses herself.

Playing it safe? Nah, that's not her thing. She's proud to own her boldness, and she's pretty damn brilliant for it!

So put on that confidence boosting outfit and go after a life that you love!


Founder of Pretty Brilliant