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    87+ Ways to Refashion Your Clothes

    Whether you are tired of your closet or want to upgrade what you have in it, here are some great ideas to refashion your clothes and create something new.


    From Shirt to Dress

    refashion a plaid shirt into a dress

    Turn a flannel shirt into a cute off the shoulder dress

    From Skirt to Pinafore Dress!

    How cute is this. I’m loving the golden mustard color.

    refashion a skirt into a pinafore dress

    Maxi Dress to Wrap Dress

    from maxi dress to wrap dress

    I cannot get over this transformation. It’s soo freaking stunning! I love the feminine flirty vibes this dress has.

    Update An Old Dress

    refashion a vintage dress

    Take a retro dress and refashion it into an updated style

    From Pants to Pinafore Dress

    From pants to dress

    Yes I really love pinafore style dresses. I am definitely going to have to do a refashion of my own soon! Give it a try.

    From Okay to Just Right

    refashion a dress that is too big

    This is a great refashion of a dress that didn’t flatter her figure and didn’t have the greatest fit. This is great for those thrift store finds.

    Midi Wrap Dress Refashion

    turn a maxi dress into a wrap dress

    Remake and oversized dress into a flirty midi wrap dress

    Tablecloth to Dress

    Turn a cute picnic tablecloth into a fashionable dress. Then wear it on a picnic date!

    turn a tablecloth into a dress

    Make it New With Fabric Dye

    dye your dress

    Change the color of your dress and cut off the sleeves and you’ve got yourself a new dress.

    From Skirt to Sexy Summer Dress

    turn a skirt into a sexy dress

    Take a printed skirt and turn it into a sexy cut out dress.

    Add Sleeves to Your Dress

    adding sleeves to a sleeveless dress

    I personally love the before look but I do like the idea of adding sleeves to a dress.

    Upsize a Too Small Dress

    resizing a too small dress

    There’s hope for dresses that are too small. With some extra fabric and a sewing machine you can add inches to your dress, along with some visual interest.


    From Dress to Statement Top

    creating a top from a dress

    This top is stunning! I love how she transformed a dress into this chic statement top.

    Men’s Shirt to Fancy Top

    The thrift store is full or men’s dress shirts. Great for making a fashion forward top.

    upcycle a men's shirt

    Dress to Crop Top

    from dress to crop top

    Super cute refashion. From a cute dress to an even cuter crop top.

    Two into One Top

    merge two shirts into one

    Take two tees and transform them into one cuter version of the two. I’m sure you could actually make two shirts with this tutorial.

    Men’s shirt to Top

    Turn a basic white men’s shirt into a whimsical ruffle sleeve top.

    From Basic T to Sexy Tank

    Who says t-shirts have to be basic. Spice up your tees with this fun refashion.

    diy workout shirt

    From Pullover to Open Front Sweater

    from sweater to open front cardigan

    Take a pullover sweater and turn it into a chic cardigan. You will need some crochet skills for this one.

    Multi-Patterned Top From Men’s Shirts

    multi-patterned men's shirt

    Take several shirts and merge them into one amazing multi-patterned shirt. I love all of the different patterns.

    Mini Dress to Top

    dress to shirt refashion

    Take a short dress to chic top

    Dress to Super Cute Top

    dress to top with bows

    I am so in love with how she took this dress and made this amazing top.

    T-Shirt Into Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top

    from shirt to ruffle crop top

    Uhm hello! How freaking adorable is this top?!

    Perfect for the Summer Multi-Tied T-shirt

    multi-tide side t-shirt

    Turn a basic tee into a sexy top perfect for those hot summer days.


    From Tablecloth To Skirt

    from tablecloth to skirt

    This is such a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it. I love how she turned a tablecloth into a beautiful circle skirt. I grew up with these and never even thought to transform them into clothes. Well done! Check out the tutorial on her site.

    Curtain to Skirt

    curtain to skirt

    Can you believe these were once curtains? I love this refashion. Makes you look at your household items in a new way.

    Plain Maxi to Fishtail Maxi

    Take a regular maxi skirt and give it some pizazz with this refashion.

    fishtail maxi skirt

    Add Lace to Your Shorts

    add lace to shorts

    I love the idea of adding lace to shorts. And this is a beginner-friendly easy refashion.

    Beaded Hem Jeans

    Bling out your jeans by adding some beads and faux pearls to the hem.

    add pearls to jean hems

    Jeans to Skirt

    from jean pants to jean skirt

    Take a pair of jeans and turn them into a cute skirt.

    Lace Stenciled Jeans

    Add some visual interest to your jeans with a lace stencil and fabric spray paint.

    lace stenciled jeans

    Sweats to Joggers

    refashion sweats into joggers

    Refashion a pair of sweats into some cute joggers

    refashion joggers

    From Culottes to Skirt

    from pants to skirt

    Take a pair of culottes you aren’t wearing and turn them into a skirt.

    Add Some Fringe

    add fringe to skirt

    From ordinary to fun. Add some flirty fringe to update and old skirt.


    Embroidered Denim

    Add some pizzazz to your denim jacket by adding a few embroidered patches.

    add embroidered patches to jean jacket

    Blazer to Moto Jacket

    from blazer to moto jacket

    Wow I love this refashion. Taking a blazer and turning it into a moto jacket is such an amazing idea. I have so many hanging in my closet and this will have to be added to my projects list.

    Off the Shoulder Blazer

    off the shoulder blazer

    Bring up the heat by taking a blazer and turning it into a sexy off the shoulder blazer.

    Men’s Shirt to Bomber Jacket

    men's flannel shirt to quilted bomber jacket

    Take a men’s jacket and turn it into a stylish quilted bomber jacket.

    Men’s Shirt to Vest

    men's shirt refashion: flannel shirt to vest

    Blazer Refashions

    Take a men’s blazer and turn it into a fashionable vest.

    blazer to vest

    Jacket to Cape

    blazer jacket to cape

    Turn your blazer into a stylish cape.

    Add Leather To Lapels

    Add some edge to your blazer by adding leather to the lapes.

    add leather to blazer lapels

    Dress to Blazer

    shorten a long blazer

    Take a blazer dress and shorten it into a fitted blazer.

    Add Beads and Lace

    blazer refashion

    Add some fun details to an existing blazer.

    Open Back Blazer

    open back blazer

    Turn a blazer into a sexy open back statement piece.

    Denim Jacket From Upcycled Jeans

    denim upcycled jacket

    Take several jeans and turn them into this awesome multi-colored denim jacket.

    Khaki Jacket Refashion

    khaki jacket refashion

    I love how she refashioned this jacket with the tassel, bell sleeves and belt.


    From Maxi to Jumpsuit

    Take an oversized maxi and turn it into a fashionable jumpsuit.

    dress to jumpsuit
    floral dress to jumpsuit

    Dress to Romper

    Take a dress and turn it into a cute romper.

    dress to romper
    floral dress to romper
    dress to romper

    Maxi Skirt to Jumper

    maxi skirt to romper

    Turn a maxi skirt into a cute fashionable jumper.

    Pants to Jumpsuit

    diy jumpsuit


    Add Fringe to a Bikini

    Make your bikini more interesting by adding some fringe.

    fringe bikini

    Add Floral Appliques

    diy floral bikini

    Create your own Miu Miu floral applique inspired bikini for a much much cheaper price tag.

    Show Off Those Buns

    diy cheeky bikini

    Add some elastic to your swimsuit bottoms to make the extra cheeky.

    Add Pom Poms

    pom pom bikini

    Take your bikini up a notch by adding pom pom fringe.

    From Bra to Bikini

    bra into swimwear

    Take an old bra and turn it in to a new bikini top.

    Fun Cut outs

    swimwear cutouts

    Add some cut outs to an existing bikini.

    Leggings to Infinity Swimsuit

    Turn a pair of leggings into a multi-wear swimsuit.

    leggings into a swimsuit

    Add Hardware

    add hardware to bikini

    Spice up an old bikini with metal rings.


    Sexy Bra Makeover 3 Ways

    Check out this tutorial to spice up your bras.

    Refashion A Stretched out Bra

    bra refashion

    Take an old bra and refashion the straps and band for a whole new look and fit.

    Bra to Bustier

    diy caged bustier
    bra to bustier

    Turn a bra into a sexy fitted bustier.

    Floral Lace Appliques

    floral bra applique

    Create a beautiful statement top by adding lace appliques to your bra.


    Add Crystal Bling

    crystal bling shoes

    I am loving this tutorial. It’s an easy and fun way to update your shoes.

    crystal bling shoes

    Disco Pom Pom Heels

    pom pom heels
    pom pom heels

    Take a basic pair of shoes and bling them up with pom poms and disco balls.

    Tassel Shoes

    fringe heels
    diy fringe heels

    Add some tassels for a fun new look.

    Spiked Soles

    spiked sole shoes

    Add some edge to your shoes with spiked soles.

    Embellished Boots

    embellished boots
    embellished boots

    Take your boots to the next level by embellishing the heels with crystal bling.

    I Heart Shoes

    heart cap toe flats

    How cute are these heart shaped captoe flats!

    Customize Your Sneakers

    paint sneakers

    A little time, effort and some paint and the shoe customization possibilities are endless.

    floral chucks
    floral converse
    floral sneakers
    floral sneakers

    Iron on floral transfers! What a fun way to decorate plain shoes!

    Fabric Covered Heels

    fabric covered shoes
    fabric covered shoes

    It’s not the easiest DIY but with some time, mod podge, and fabric you can have an entirely new pair of shoes. Check our her tutorial.


    Backpack Refashion

    backpack refashion

    Turn an ordinary backpack into a fashion statement.

    From T-shirt to Bag

    shirt to bag upcycle

    Take a t-shirt and turn it into an eco-friendly reusable bag.

    Painted Fringe Handbag

    fringe bag
    diy fringe bag

    Here’s a fun easy tutorial. Add some color to your fringe bag with brightly colored nail polish.

    Pearl Bucket Bag

    pearl bucket bag

    Jazz up your handbag with faux pearls.

    Fringe & More Fringe

    fringe purse diy

    Create your own fringe purse. This tutorial will show you how.

    From Placemats to Bag

    diy round bag

    Turn your placemats into a cute functionable round wicker bag.

    Denim Chokers

    diy denim choker

    Take some denim scrap fabric and turn it into a beautiful choker.

    diy denim chokers

    Studded Gloves

    studded gloves

    If you are going to wear gloves, you might as well wear blinged out ones. Find the tutorial here.

    So have you tried any of these refashions? Let me know in the comments

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